A Bad Girl by Speedy Babyy Perez Ft. Josh Rivers

[ From the album A Bad Girl ]

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Artist: Speedy Babyy Perez Ft. Josh Rivers
Album: A Bad Girl
Track: A Bad Girl
Track number: 1
Genre: Urban
Composer: Henry Perez, Steve Vicious, Marcos Gil
Publisher(s): Castle & Thieves (ASCAP), Henry Perez iii (BMI)
Copyright: © 2021
Album comments:
Making beats, working independent and staying relevant, a sign of the times in the sprawling NYC underground scene, you don’t have to dig too far to hear the NYC Anthems being created by rising star Beat maker/Producer/Artist Speedy Babyy Perez. The streets are talking, a common topic of discussion in the industry rap circles are about the way he cuts drum patterns to his unique sound. Unleashed to the world is a cyclone of up market elements of Boom Bap, Trill & Trap, meshed with spacious melodies drafted to contagious soul hooks. When asked why he was compeled to become a Artist, Speedy Babyy replied “ I realized that I could also perform verses while organizing beats, people liked it, I decided why not put my mind to it, recognition came quick and people started asking for more.

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Aug 28 2021: Mike says Sounds good

Aug 25 2021: Barbara Stathakos says I’m not a rap person but it’s better than most.

Aug 15 2021: marcos says hey

Aug 15 2021: Castle Thieves says saw your video nice one